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cocobella has created complete bathroom components from a single source. with devised five style collections

Dry Plants

​ Products New Release

cocobella basin

natural stone, with a vibrant marriage of strength and beauty, Eastern motifs, and Western artistic techniques. The sensuous curves of smooth carved stone 

Faucet cocobella

Let’s face it: A really great faucet helps you get your work done and get back to the things you enjoy. See how the latest faucet innovations can do that.

Acrylic Bath cocobella

With thoughtful details and innovative functions design,

Keep your bathroom organized with our toilet cabinets. Store items in under-sink cabinets, tall cabinets, or wall cabinets of different sizes to fit your space.

Concrete Texture
R&D Capacity

powerful ability of development and design, it has awarded more than 500”certificate of design patent

Smart Information Stystem

Cocobella adopts advanced infomation management systems, such as CRM,ERP,WMS,etc,to support accurate and standard

​International Certifications
Production capacity

owns 1200 international product certifications such as North American market certification CUPC

Cocobella invested heavily in the advanced level of R&D and manufacturing hardware platforms from Europe.

Quality Control
OEM Capability

​The quality of Cocobella products is assured by external certification according to the internationally recognized ISO 9001

Innovation + Design+Complete Manufacture.Our innovation includes:idea,key technology and Patent With professional

How it works

Advanced Smart Toilet Series



Smart fitting design and style that match all your demands


With simply manual supply would be fixed in a minutes


​With in an advanced technology would simplify your usage


Easy hand reach control menu with the program set that would match your needs


Warranty for the advanced technology


Comfort your life with

With a 30 years glorious history of striving for perfection, Cocobella is confident in providing you with the best quality bathing experience. Comfort your life, and pursue a bright future. Individuals who master an elegant life are those friendly to the environment. With our energy-efficient,water-saving, and low-lead products, Cocobella would provide you with an eco-friendly home

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