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Comfort for Life



Cocobella Brand History

cocobella was founded in 2007, with the goal of enhancing people’s health and quality of life by delivering wellness-focused home and sanitary solutions. the brand has grown to become one of Canada's largest showrooms for luxury sanitary goods from foreign brands.

With an emphasis on high-end luxury home solutions, cocobella is a consumer-focused company. It is one of the most prestigious luxury sanitary ware brands in china, and it provides a wide range of services that help people improve their quality of life. cocobella manufactures a broad range of products, including sanitary ware, bath fittings, modular kitchens & wardrobes, and home automation amenities.

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Why Choose Us? 

Owning a cocobella product is owning a piece of art. The high quality of materials and workmanship is evident in every household item we offer. cocobella is fully committed to ensuring that our products last for years to come.

cocobella is specialized in providing premium quality products. We are determined to deliver only the best products. Our strict quality control measures minimize the risk of you getting a defective product.

By providing safe and environment-friendly products, all cocobella solutions contribute to a higher quality of life and the advancement of society as a whole. The advent of environmentally friendly products, together with advancements in technology, has transformed life into an art form that was previously only a fantasy for many.

With two decades of innovation and unwavering service, we have earned the right to be proud of the clientele we have cultivated. From well-known celebrities to high-end residential developments, from airports to global corporations, everyone has placed their faith in our special offers and unrivaled level of service.

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International Global Certification and Manufactury Partners

Selecting Uniqueness for Your Comfort

To know one's lifestyle, go to see their bathroom. Every morning you refresh yourself in such a private space and receive true relaxation when the night comes. For individuals who reward themselves with pleasure and enjoyment in life, how would it be possible for them to neglect such a comfortable place? 
As a brand that aims to provide life with enjoyment and grace, Cocobella dedicates Itself to those who prioritize pleasure in their life. 
Comfort your life, and pursue a unique lifestyle. No matter it is luxurious, enchanting, passionate, or graceful, Cocobella will realize your dream with our various stylish 
Enjoy the life, and pursue your own, please. With a 30-year glorious history of striving for perfection, Cocobella is confident in providing you with the best quality bathing experience. Comfort your life, and pursue a green future. Individuals who master an elegant life are those friendly to the environment. With our energy-efficient, water-saving, and low-lead products, Cocobella would provide you with an eco-friendly home. 
You know your life and cocobella knows you. Comfort your life with cocobella. 

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