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Electric Bidet Seat with Heating System Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat Cover Sanitary Toilet 


Sit down to a comfortable heated seat with adjustable temperature controls. The built-in occupancy sensor ensures the bidet is only used when necessary.

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Reliable .Trustworthy.

Safety protection
Power consumption & water consumption

CE/CB certificated,

Seat with ergonomic design


  • ·Nozzle Adopts Air INjection Structure

  • ·Female Cleaning、Buttocks Washing

  • ·Automatic Cleaning

  • ·Mobile Massage

  • ·One cover is universal for children and adults

  • ·Adjustable Seat Temperature

  • ·Automatic Open / Close

  • ·Female Cleaning、Buttocks Washing

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Product Advantages


  • Dual-flush technology allows you to choose between a full or partial flush.

  • Pump-assisted flushing for strong flush performance.




Dimension: 515*385*145mm

Power: Max. 1050W, Rating power 1000W

Pressure: Rating pressure AC 220V,50Hz

Color: White

Assembly distance: 450-495mm(length);

130-165mm (distance between connecting holes)

Pressure: Min. 0.07MPa(20L/min dynamic pressure)

Max. 0.8MPa(static pressure)

Operating method: Panel-control

Manual lid open & slow-closing

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