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Electric Bidet Seat with Heating System Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat Cover Sanitary Toilet 


Sit down to a comfortable heated seat with adjustable temperature controls. The built-in occupancy sensor ensures the bidet is only used when necessary.

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Smooth & Comfort

This machine includes the strong and weak flushing massage functions of the air pump. The water flow is rich in air bubbles, and the water is more delicate and soft without tingling, making the user's flushing experience more comfortable.

Simple Solution for your cleansing

Standard instant ceramic heating tube, even if the water is ice water as low as 5 degrees, it can be heated to more than 30 degrees in one second, with the most intimate care in the cold winter.


  • ·Nozzle Adopts Air INjection Structure

  • ·Female Cleaning、Buttocks Washing

  • ·Automatic Cleaning

  • ·Mobile Massage

  • ·One cover is universal for children and adults

  • ·Adjustable Seat Temperature

  • ·Automatic Open / Close

  • ·Female Cleaning、Buttocks Washing

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According to the actual

test experience of seat users,

men with a weight of 80KG to

85KG has enough space at the

front of the seat when urinating.

The first curved spray boom

Compared with the straight spray rod, the arc spray rod is farther away from the sewage during the cleaning process, and the spray rod is not easy to stick to dirt and is more hygienic.

Fully layered design, widened seat width, smooth sitting surface,
The force is more uniform and comfortable, and it is more comfortable to sit for a long time.
More suitable for users of different body shapes.

The seat ring is equipped with a fully laminated metal aluminum foil heating film as standard, which distributes heat evenly, keeps the temperature stable, and saves energy consumption; the combination of NTC and thermal fuse gives consumers warmer care and more intimate protection.


  • Dual-flush technology allows you to choose between a full or partial flush.

  • Pump-assisted flushing for strong flush performance.



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