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Modern Smart One-Piece Bidet Toilet 


An award of IFC design the elegant CB.10,0050 Charging, laxative function, strong laxative function, Convenience function: IR remote control, position adjustment, Ultra long endurance, and high-quality Built-in lithium battery for energy supply, with a battery life of up to one year. It is more convenient to install​ cb.10.0050 intelligent toilets set themselves apart from traditional toilets with increased cleanliness, comfort, and convenience

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More innovation

IFC Design award,, smooth and healthy

One Touch to your comfort desire.


  • Basic functions: hip cleaning, female cleaning, seat ring heating, drying function, sit down induction, damping slow descent, warm water cleaning;

  • Health function: laxative function, strong laxative function

  • Convenience function: IR remote control, position adjustment, adjustable water temp, >seat ring temperature adjustable, water pressure adjustable, air temperature adjustable

  • Comfort function: soft lighting, bubble cleaning, Intelligently removing odor, high efficiency, and energy saving, leakage protection, LED display, plasma sterilization

  • Cleaning function: The seat ring is resistant to bacteria, Automatic nozzle cleaning, boom cleaning

  • Shortcut function: automatic flushing, manual flushing (Automatic lid opening and closing)

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Damping buffer, Quite to prevent impact the unique buffer device)damper buffer), the slow descent of the seat will not cause noise

Automatic flip

The use of automatic human detection and induction technology can sense people coming and going, and the cover plate will automatically open and close. 
Convenient technology frees your hands and creates a more comfortable toilet experience for you. Special automatic flip motor, large torque, small resistance. 

Automatic Cleaning

Before the cleaning function starts, a small stream of water is automatically sprayed to rinse the nozzle to ensure the nozzle is clean; and a small part of dirty water and cold water outside the water tank can be discharged to ensure the hygiene and temperature of the cleaning water, and it's more comfort able to use. After the cleaning function is completed, it will self-clean again to ensure the hygiene of the nozzle. 



Plasma sterilization

  • Apply air purification technology to smart toilet

  • The low voltage is boosted by the booster circuit to positive and negative high voltages, and the air is ionized under the action of the positive and negative high-voltage electric fields.

  • At the moment when the positive and negative ions neutralize, energy is released, which leads to the change and energy transfer of bacteria in the surrounding environment, resulting in the death of bacteria

  • Since there are more negative ions than positive ions, the negative ions in the air can continue to play a role of dust removal, odor elimination, and air improvement.


  • roughing-in: customizable 200-450 mm


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  • ·Buttock cleaning, Female cleaning

  • ·Position adjustment, Mobile cleaning

  • ·Massage function, Seat temperature adjustment

  • ·Water temperature adjustment, Warm air drying

  • ·Automatic deodorization, Slow drop damping

  • ·Adjustable water pressure, Seating induction

  • ·Flush out of the seat, Night lighting

  • ·Self-cleaning nozzle, Power saving function

  • ·Wireless remote control, Safety protection

  • ·Microwave flip, Kick flip

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