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Automatic Cleaning Heating Sensor Flushing Electric one-piece Tankless Smart Toilet CB.10.0022

The Double-Plus intelligent toilet exemplifies the art of innovation, and its flowing lines and personalized finish detail will make a statement in any bathroom. With a full complement of convenient features including a heated seat, customizable cleansing, night-light, hands-free opening/closing, automatic flush, plus a touchscreen remote, nothing else compares. And the sleek tankless and skirted design combined with a back-to-wall installation allows for concealed connections to make the toilet a beautiful centerpiece in your bathroom.

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Double Plus Comfort

Smoothness Reflection of the Ultra cleaning


  • Compact, streamlined one-piece intelligent toilet with integrated personal cleansing.

  • An elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.

  • The double - Plus feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults.

  • Dual flush offers a choice of 0.8 or 1.0 gpf (3.0 or 3.8 lpf).

  • The stainless steel wand offers adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate and oscillate functions.

  • Bowl is automatically misted prior to use for more effective rinsing while flushing.

  • Front and rear wash modes provide warm water for cleansing.

  • The self-cleaning function uses UV light and electrolyzed water systems to sanitize the wand surfaces.

  • Warm air drying system.

  • Automatic deodorization system.

  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature settings.

  • Motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing of seat and cover.

  • The quiet-Close elongated seat allows the seat to close quietly.

  • LED lighting illuminates the bowl to serve as a nightlight.

  • English-language touchscreen LCD remote control.

  • Included components: Complete toilet and seat, power cord, and LCD remote control.

  • Emergency flush supports up to 100 flushes during a power outage with simple touch-button activation.


Low-voltage starting technology

The direct flush system innovatively uses the first low-voltage start-up technology. The toilet has a built-in low-voltage start-up program. It is used in the case where the household water pressure is relatively low, and solves the problem that the current pressure-type flush toilet has low water pressure and cannot be used

Seat heating is more stable

The seat ring uses a fully laminated metal aluminum foil heating film, which evenly distributes heat, stabilizes the temperature and saves energy
The combination of NTC and thermal fuse brings warmer care to consumers and brings intimate protection.
6-speed seat temperature adjustment to meet different temperature experience requirements.

Sewage prevention

Air normally open anti-siphon design: When the machine is on standby, a 130mm air gap is set between the inlet water source and the toilet sewage to ensure that the inlet water source is isolated from the sewage air. When the toilet generates negative pressure, the normally open-air gap can always be Keep the incoming    water source isolated from the sewage air, prevent the sewage from flowing back, and ensure that the incoming water source is not polluted



  • Dual-flush technology allows you to choose between a full or partial flush.

  • Pump-assisted flushing for strong flush performance.


  • Standard 12" (305 mm) rough-in.

  • Water pressure protection: voltage stabilization device, automatic pressure relief device

  • antifouling device : filter device,anti-backflow device,anti-siphon device

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Product disassembly

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  • Size: 689 × 426 × 471mmPower: rated power 1070W

  • Power supply: AC voltage 220V 50HZWater inlet requirement: more than 15L / min

  • Flush: 4.2L / 6LPit distance: 305 / 400mm

  • Drainage method: drainage operation: remote control knob control

  • Opening method: slow down

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